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If you are a user of the infamous torrent indexing website The Pirate Bay you may have noticed that it has been offline the last couple of days.
According to various sources, a data center hosting equipment to run the site has been raided by Swedish police. The police seems to have seized the equipment and the site is currently not accessible on the Internet.
The last known domain, [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] a white page when loaded and browsers return that the web page is not available at this point in time.

News broke shortly after the discovery that the site would be back up soon. New addresses for the site were posted on sites like Reddit were they were upvoted and shared which had the result that many users went to fake, or at least unofficial, copies of the Pirate Bay.

Some of the confusion comes from the fact that many Pirate Bay proxies stayed online. They show the frontpage of the service but since there is no data they can access on the "real" server, won't display anything else.
The address that was pushed the most is thepiratebay.cr (sorry no link it is not the real deal. The site has been a Pirate Bay proxy for some time but never more than that and seems to have started to redirect users to yet another domain that requests money before torrents can be downloaded.

It appears that the site has been filled with fake data or very old data from the 2008 to 2011 period. Regardless of the data that is published on it, all download links on the site appear to download executable files and not torrents.
In addition to that, popups and other forms of advertisement are thrown at users on every page load.
So what can you do right now?

Not much. It is too early to tell if the site will be back up. It is possible that this is going to happen but there have not been any confirmations or denials for that matter yet.

It is probably best to keep an eye on sites such as Torrentfreak as they will report if the site comes back up. Until then, it is much safer not to fall for any of the sites that users post on social media sites or in comments.
If you have to visit those sites, make sure you do so in a properly patched browser and a properly patched system, preferably in a sandbox or virtual environment to protect the system from harm.