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Thread: BackupSuite

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    Backupsuite 14.4


    Changed in version 14.4
    - Corrected German translation (Thanks Biki3)
    - Changed detection to avoid making back-up in flash/removed bug/typo
    - During the back-up the size of root.ubi is checked to detect writing in flash, if this is 0 the process will be aborted
    Thx to Pedro

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    Backupsuite 14.5

    Changed in version 14.5
    -Added for all the Xtrends models 2 warnings because the Xtrends seems to have problems to flash images back which are greater than about 128MB (no hard boundary detected yet):
    *if the image size is between 111 MB and 128 MB the warning (in yellow) is:
    Bei der Wiederherstellung dieses Backup könnte es zu einem Problem kommen da dieses nahe an der zulässigen Grösse liegt. Dies ist eine Beschränkung des Bootloaders, nicht des Backups oder der BackupSuite.
    *if the image is greater than 128MB the warning (in red) is:
    Dieses Backup kann höchstwahrscheinlich nicht wieder eingespielt werden, es ist schlicht zu gross um es wieder herzustellen. Dies ist eine Beschränkung des Bootloaders, nicht des Backups oder der BackupSuite.

    - Changed the aligning of the numbers in the size to back-up, now it detects whether the numbers are above or below the 100.000 KB (just for cosmetics)
    Big thanks to the translators of the last 2 messages
    DE Biki3
    FR Demosat
    IT Matrix64
    TR SSD

    for the other languages (ES, PL, RU and SK) I'm looking for translators who can translate the messages:
    msgid "Most likely this back-up can't be restored because of it's size, it's simply too big to restore. This is a limitation of the bootloader not of the back-up or the BackupSuite."
    msgid "There COULD be a problem with restoring this back-up because the size of the back-up comes close to the maximum size. This is a limitation of the bootloader not of the back-up or the BackupSuite."
    Thx to Pedro

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    Backupsuite 14.6

    Changed in version 14.6
    •Completed all languages, thanks to the translators: DE Biki3, FR Demosat, IT Matrix64, TR SSD, RU Odyssey, SK Dym1, PL Blzr, ES agmuser
    • Added a temporary routine to detect if a back-up is made on one of the new machines et8000 or et10000, if so the program aborts because it is still unknown (to me) if there are any changes in the use of the mtd's, so to avoid problems it is better to abort the program. When these machines hits the market the support will be added as soon as possible. Also it isn't clear yet if the maximum size of the back-up, ~128MB, to restore is also the case for these new machines.
    Thx to Pedro_Newbie

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    Backupsuite 14.8

    Changed in version 14.8

    - Added support for the new ET8000 and ET10000
    - Disabled the warnings about a too big image for the new models ET8000 and ET10000 (until proven incorrect)
    - Some minor code changes to accommodate the new models

    Thx to Pedro_Newbi

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    Backupsuite 14.9

    Changed in version 14.9
    •When the USB only version is started there will be checked if the intended USB stick has enough free space to build the back-up. If there is less space then 4 times the size of rootfs the program will display a warning and the program will be aborted. The program needs this space to write temporary files for different stages in the process
    • Corrected the Russian language pack
    Thx to Pedro_Newbie

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    Backupsuite 15.2

    Changed in version 15.2
    - Reworked some code to automatic detect on which mtd the kernel is. This makes it a bit easier to add more models in the future.
    - Moved some code to another place to make it more readable

    Changed in version 15.1
    - Minor code change in representation used time

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    Backupsuite 16.0

    Changed in version 16.0
    Made the application more universal and easier to maintain for future models.
    Now all supported brands/models are placed in a matrix (lookuptable.txt) with their parameters needed to make a back-up
    Now all what has to be done to support a new brand/model is enter the specifics into the lookuptable.txt, an example is show hereunder.
    I moved the version (after some internal betaversions) to 16.0 because of the big changes in the code.
    All is tested and should work fine

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    Changed in version 16.1 little bugfixes

    Thx Pedro_Newbie

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    Backupsuite 16.2

    Thx Pedro_Newbie

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    Backupsuite 16.3

    Changed in version 16.3
    Fixed some little bugs for the Vu+'s
    Adjusted description imageversion
    Corrected lookuptable

    Thx Pedro_Newbie

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