E2iStream 20190710-r01

- Added French hosts: otakufr.

- Fixed film24.io

- Changed Akoam domain, thanks Magdy Emam.

- Fixed Raiplay, thanks armboldls.

- Updated TSIPlayer - see their player for details.

- Fixed altadefinizione01 - please test.

- Fixed Watcgwrestlinguno

- Watchwrestlinguno corrrecly shown in sports section.

- Added joemonster.org from @maxbambi repo.

- Fixed a few typos - oops!

- Added support for YouTube UHD VP9.

- Updated 18+ Content.

- Fixed Yifi Issues.

- Fixed syntax typo in Raiplay.

- ftp .ipk file to /tmp

- install with following telnet command 'opkg update && opkg install /tmp/*.ipk' , all required dependencies for plugin will be installed from your image feed.

- E2 will Auto-restart after .ipk installation finished

thx @ all Dev's

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